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A day trading innovator and leader for 20+ years having ordinary people trading our money.  Train to trade up to $100,000 of our Company money, using our trade secret signals, 1-to-1 personal coaching, webinar trades, texted trade alerts, and more.

Trade at home, for minutes or more, any hour, and any day (except Saturday) for the money you seek.  Education, an established system, and support are opportunity equalizers we provide. 

Global Traders Assoc. Member
We TRAIN You – 1-to-1 personalize remote and side-by-side training.
We FUND You – Trade up to a $100,000 Company funded account.
We SHOW You – 14+ live online trades a week for training and trading.
We SIGNAL You – Use our 20 year trade secret indicator signals.
We SUPPORT You – Call, text, email, chat, app, webinars, events, ….
You TRADE – From home, 1 – 2 hours a day, any day, any hour, ….
You PROFIT – Keep up to 80% of your profits using our money.
And MORE – Much more and no other system compares.
Ordinary People Trading Our Money Part-Time At Home Online
For Big Extra Cash, Lifestyle Income, …
Trade Text Alerts – Now, Even Easier And Profitable!
Go about your day and receive text alerts when the market is ready to trade.
Also, Now Trade Crypto-Currencies With Our Corporate Money.

Entry-Level Trader

Train To Trade Our Money

Part-Time, At Home, Or Anywhere

Fully Trained – Keep 80% And Trade Up To $100,000

Thank you for your interest in learning more about helping us by trading a portion of our corporate trading fund.
Please review the information below.
The next step is simply to try our Trade Demo.  A Demo Coach will have you practice trading your first session and trading the live market shortly there after with a practice account.  
This let’s you quickly see if our trading system fit with you, see the potential for big extra cash, etc.  Let us help you try it.
♦  Be professionally minded and success oriented.
♦  Be teachable and apply given best practices.
♦  Be available to train online and trade online very part-time.
♦  Be consistent with a trade routine.
♦  Be patient and let trades come to you.
♦  Be disciplined and follow a trade entry, exit, etc. plan.
♦  Don’t be greedy, let the money build.
♦  Be protective of the account with trade protection.
♦  Be a “go-getter” motivated to contribute to the team and mission by grow an account for personal and corporate benefit.
♦  No licensing – No state or federal exams are required as you will be trading our private corporate account.
♦  Computer And Internet – Any Windows or Mac based computer are required and typical internet connectivity, so you can trade from anywhere.
♦  Time – Minutes to 1 hour or so a day on 3 or 4 days of the week trade routine.  Remember this can be any morning, mid-day, or evening hours.
♦  Graphic Trading – Have the ability to interpret simple graphical indicators and place signaled trades.
♦  Trade Demo Trial – It is a requirement for consideration.
♦  $10 Fee – The Trade Demo Trial costs a trivial $10 so we can simply focus on those of more interest.  Your $10 fee will be donated to our current month’s charity.
♦  10 Days – There are 5 session that take about 10 days.  You can use the system for as much as 30 days to experience that it is simple, fun, with the potential for big profits.
♦  1-To-1 Training – We will coach you with a few short sessions to make it even easier for you to see the potential of day trading our system and funds.  
♦  Live Market Trading – You will usually be practice trading the first session and live market practice trading in about one week.  Your Trade Demo Trial assessment will be based upon live trading the market as if with real money.
♦  Purpose – The Trade Demo will allow you to (1) see you can trade our simple and successful system and win trades, (2) get more acquainted with us, and (3) see if this is the solution your are looking for to earn extra cash.
♦  Any background – Any previous experience works, simply have some personal or professional accomplishment.  We can train how to trade, but we cannot instill self-motivation, drive, a winning spirit, and appetite for success.  You must bring that.
♦  Training – Naturally, you will need full training to successfully trade and win in the live market with real money.  You will be trained 1-to-1 personally to use our 20+ year established proprietary and trade secret methods and algorithms.  They are simple to learn and use.
♦  Funding – You receive a real money account after completing training.  You will first receive a starter transition account with funds added regularly with positive account growth.
♦  Tuition – If you are unfamiliar with our system, you will need to share in the tuition for training and certification.  This tuition is required due to real education costs as well as have us focusing our efforts and funds on serious “go-getters.”  We can help you with this as well, to even pay back with trade earnings.  Complete the form for details.  
♦  Continued Education – Trade skill development is always available to increase success, funding, and earnings.
♦  Independent – We are not looking for employees to manage.  We get better results with people who trade independently from the comfort of their home, when they wish, for as much or as little as they wish.  We are looking for people who can be trained, independently manage and grow a fund, and seek support and additional funding as they need or desire to achieve the success they seek.  As such, we all win.   
♦  Commission – Earn 50% – 80% commission on the monthly growth of the assigned funded account, paid at the 1st of each month.  Higher commissions are with more training.
♦  Increased Earnings – 1st year, part-time, and entry-level commissions range from $0 to $85,000.  2nd year incomes can be well into 6 figures.
♦  Increased Funding – Get additional corporate funding into your trade account with positive account growth to rapidly expand the commission.
♦  Flexible Trading Schedule – You chose your trading routine.  Chose the number of days, time of days, and amount of time trading.  Simply trade more and earn more.
♦  Continued Education – On-going training of the most productive evolving best trade practices.
♦  Private Accounts – Use Corporate technology, techniques, and tools for personally funded trade accounts and keep 100% of your earnings.
Complete the Interest Form so we can call to answer your questions.  It will also direct you to our full website.
Express Your Interest
♦  Limited Funded Accounts
♦  We Will Call To Answer Questions
♦  Also, See Full Details and Contact Info
Data Is Not Shared Or Sold.  We Will Seek To Make Contact.
Before we do anything we want to answer your questions, so we will need to call you.  If you prefer, you can schedule the call.
Then try our Trade Demo.  It is the best way to see if our trading system works for you and fits with what you are looking for.
We receive high interest, so it can take us a few days to reach out.  You can speed things along by two options:
♦  We invite and welcome your call or text.  Contact information is available with form submission above
♦  You can schedule a call (see our About / Contact tab).
♦  Just get started with the Trade Demo.  A “Start Demo” option will be available with form submission above.
When you win, we win.  We need Beginner Traders.  Let us help you see the simple, yet powerful solution men and women worldwide have been benefiting from for years.
By trading a portion of our corporate account, the account grows, and as such we can extend more Corporate funded accounts to others.  You benefit, the Company benefits, and others benefit.
You and others can earn big extra cash, a lifestyle income, early or more secure retirement, and growth in savings and wealth.
All by training to trade our funds from anywhere or the comfort of your home, just 1 or so hours a day, any hours of the day, most any day.  The market is open all hours from Sunday 5 pm Eastern to Friday 5 pm Eastern.
We seek part-time entry-level fund managers and fund traders to remotely train and to remotely trade a portion of our corporate funded account.
As an entry-level team member you will manage and trade a smaller initial portion of the fund, with additional funds added upon demonstrated positive account growth.
You will be compensated monthly by retaining a commission of 50% to 80% of your monthly account growth.  The commission can be increased to essentially a limitless professional level income by trading more full-time, by trading more company funds, or both.  Your commission percentage depends upon your trading position with the company or the level of training and expertise you demonstrate.
This is a contract position that allows you to work part-time to full-time to earn the commission income you seek.  As a contract fund manager you can trade remotely from any location and trade any hour the market is open.  The market is open 24 hours from Sunday at 5 pm Eastern to Friday at 5 pm Eastern.  Many of our traders spend 1, 2, or so hours a day trading 3, 4, or so hours a day.  Some trade a hour or so 1, 2, or so times a day.  When, and the amount you trade is your decision.  Our expectation is only that you trade using profitable methods and best-practices we train, when you trade.
We welcome beginners to seasoned day traders who are sincerely interested in supporting our perpetual education funding mission and seek to learn a new skill.  We can teach day trading, but we cannot instill needed drive and personal attributes.
One of the primary benefits of the position that our fund managers and traders most enjoy is using our Corporate technology, techniques, tools, and signals to simultaneously day trade their own private funds while trading our Corporate funds.  Many of our fund managers and traders are able to enhance their part-time income or even create a lifestyle primary income, retire early or more securely while continuing to add to their savings and financial security.
We FUND You – All students receive an initial real money trade account as part of their education.  Future Company funding additions are based upon given trading intervals, the request of the student, having a positive account growth, and showing abidance to simple best practices we instruct.  We will help you with this.
We SHOW You – Trades shown are for training purposes, but an individual day trader may place the identified trade themselves based upon their own assessment.
You TRADE – We recommend trading about 1 to 2 hours a day so as not to become fatigued.  You may trade more or less if you wish or need.
You TRADE – The Forex Market is open all days and hours between Sunday 5 pm Eastern Time until Friday 5 pm Eastern Time.
You PROFIT – Keep 50%, 60%, 70%, or 80% of your earnings based upon your level of coaching.  Keep 100% of your profits from trading your own money, as it is your money.

Foreign exchange and futures trading are highly risky, and you can lose all the money you invest should you decide to engage in live trading. We are not responsible for your investment, trading or tax decisions.

We are day trading educators.  We are not licensed financial advisors, traders, accountants, stockbrokers or attorneys. We are not licensed commodities brokers, and do not engage in or facilitate commodities transactions. We are not an introducing broker, and we make no recommendation as to where you should invest or what broker you should trade with. As you apply what you learn, we recommend that you seek advice from licensed professionals.

Any trade results that we show should not be considered typical of our students. We do not (and cannot) track the results or performance of our students’ private trading accounts. We do not know what a typical or average student earns or loses trading.

This is not a get-rich-quick program, guaranteed system or business opportunity. We sell training and trading tools. We make no promises our training and tools will generate future income for students, and you may not make your investment back (including your investment in this training).

Any redistribution or recording of this material is strictly prohibited without advanced written permission.

You do not need to be licensed to day trade your own money or to day trade our Company funded account.

No representation is made of a level of success.  Information and statements are provided for illustrative purposes only.  Examples are simple mathematical illustrations.  Participation in the Trade Demo Trial can reveal one’s potential in the market.   

Your affiliation with this group is by subscription.  You may terminate your affiliation at anytime by calling 800-301-7482 or emailing Cancel@MyTradeSupport.Com.

Pricing, promotions, offerings, and statements may vary without notice.

A system is defined as: 1. Detailed procedures, methods and routines to carry out an activity, problem solve or perform a duty. 2. Purposeful organized structure that is regarded as a whole and consists of interdependent and interrelated elements.  (The Law Dictionary, Featuring Black’s Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed., Oct 11, 2020).  A system in terms of day trading referred herein, is therefore defined as “procedures, methods, and routines to carry out an activity” of day trading.  A system does not imply being comprehensive, a guarantee, 100% results, etc. but simply procedures, methods, and routines to “carry out an activity.”
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