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Unsure About The Future

It’s easy to feel stuck in a career that didn’t take you as far as you
wanted. Maybe you’re looking down the road to retirement with no great
prospects. Or worse – you’re in the middle of paying off a healthcare
expense with no clear way out.

What if you could take charge of your money, combine it with real
economic lessons, and turn it into the kind of security you’re looking for?

Have You Considered Day Trading?

It might sound intimidating, but with Trade Company Money’s tips,
advice, and funding, this exciting method of investment may be the
answer to your questions!

Accessible To

Anyone with a device
(phone, PC, etc.) and
an internet connection
can start day trading.

Uses Your Computer
And Our Money

All it takes is a PC or
device – no office, no
products – and you trade
with our money too!

Doesn’t Demand A 
Lot Of Your Time

We recommend day
trading for just minutes to an hour or so per day to fit into a busy schedule.

As Seen On
We Help You Discover if Day
Trading Is a Good Fit

You may wonder if this is right for you – whether you have the time or even the interest. We’re here to make sure you don’t have to jump into a risk venture to answer those questions.

With our $10 demo, you get 30 days worth of training. 

We’ll provide regular 1-tp-1 online coaching and online webinar lessons so you can actually start trading and see if this is a good fit for you. And then when you’ve moved past the demo, you’ll get to use our company money for your trades.

You can see for yourself at an affordable price whether you want to pursue day trading further.

How The Trade Company Money Demo Works
1 – Sign Up for Your Demo
Just set up an account. It only costs $10 for your 30 days
worth of access and you’ll start learning right away!
Train And Trade At Home, Office, …
With Text Alerts – Trade Anywhere
At Anytime!
2 – Start Your 30 Days Of Training At Your own Pace
Your $10 doesn’t just buy you a 15 minute pep talk – you get
access to a huge value no one else is offering:
●   “Fast Start” videos onboard you to the basics of day
trading and we’ll get you scheduled with coaches too.
●   Get 1-to-1 training for as many sessions as you need during your 30 days (we generally spend 5-10 hours with each of our demo participants).
●   Start practice trading in your first coaching session.
●   Start honing your skills in the live markets with a practice account within just days.
●   Watch daily trade webinars for real-time tips.
●   Learn with our weekly training webinars.
●   Read what others are saying about the Demo in the chat room, and even chat in your own comments.
●   Take things at your own pace so you don’t disrupt your
regular schedule.
The usual monthly subscription for our demo is $449 and you’re getting access to all of it right now for just $10!
3 – See If You Love Day Trading
After 1-on-1 instruction and coaching, you can decide if you’d like more lessons. We’ll even let you use our money for your trades!
Isn’t Day Trading A Whole New Job?

You might think trading is a crazy zoo from all the aerial footage of a busy Wall Street market floor, but day trading is the opposite of that kind of stress.

At Trade Company Money we actually recommend you spend anywhere from just a few minutes to only 1 to 2 hours per day. After that, fatigue might affect your focus.

So that means you can engage in this potentially lucrative investment opportunity without completely disrupting your schedule. 

Some use it for a lifestyle income to retire early or more securely, others as a side gig after their day job, and others use it as a hobby in their retirement years.  Any way you use it, trading can add to your savings and wealth.

How you approach day trading is up to you!

Our Trading System Fits With Your Schedule!
See What Others have To Say About
Trade Company Money’s Coaching

These testimonies are of traders expressing their own personal experience at the time of the recording.  Your results may be similar or different.  Try the Trade Demo Trial to assess your potential to earn in the financial markets.  Remember, trading is an acquired skill and has the risk of loss.  Past results may not be representative of future success. 

What Happens If You Love Day Trading?

After you try our demo and it turns out day trading is the perfect fit for your routine and money aspirations, we’re still here to help. Our day trading school offers various tuition programs that provide great benefits and guidance.

We Train You

Start with over 50 hours
of initial training with much of it 1-to-1 online personal coaching.

We Fund You

You get access up to
$50,000 to $100,000
of our money to make
the big trades.

We Support You

Continue with ongoing training and webinars or  live personal help by call, text, chat, and email, …

You Learn

Hone your skills over
weeks or months of
training with coaches
who want you to learn.

You Trade

We’ll guide you at
your own pace
through mock trades
and real trades alike.

You Profit

Keep up to 80% of the
profits made with our
money – 100% with
your own money!

To get you trained you will share in tuition and fees.  Many choose financing to set up smaller monthly payments between $175 to $375 per month that allows them to pay as they go from their day trading earnings using our Company funded trade account.
You may not pay any fees out of your pocket.  Let trading pay for itself.
Why Invest In Day Trading School?

If day trading’s so accessible… can’t you just get into it right now?  There are plenty of videos to watch.  Maybe you’ve got a friend who can teach you. Even sign up for a celebrity seminar that promise a jump start. Those are all options, but they come with big risks:

Self Study

A cheap start gets you
information you can’t
trust – and that means
trading without


A friend who day
trades isn’t a teacher
who day trades. Their
style may not work for
your style.

Celebrity “Experts”

These experts focus
on their own success
and beginners slow
them down. Are they
looking out for you?

With a day trading school, you have coaches whose job it is to teach you how to navigate this new enterprise. We’ll help you practice in a safe environment, then practice with our money, so that you can master day trading with our money or with your own money.


Don’t Miss Out On Your Demo With Trade Company Money

Some programs run as high as $500 for an initial intro into the day trading market.  Other coaches ask for $100’s by the hour to teach lessons about day trading tactics. 

Trade Company Money offers you a 30-day demo course for just $10. That $10 gets you an orientation, a practice account, the tools you need, and 1-on-1 coaching time with our instructors. 

Find out if day trading is your next great adventure now. And if you love it, you can trade with our company money for faster results.

Our 20+ year trading system is simple and predictive.

We FUND You – All students receive an initial real money trade account as part of their education.  Future Company funding additions are based upon given trading intervals, the request of the student, having a positive account growth, and showing abidance to simple best practices we instruct.  We will help you with this.
We SHOW You – Trades shown are for training purposes, but an individual day trader may place the identified trade themselves based upon their own assessment.
You TRADE – We recommend trading about 1 to 2 hours a day so as not to become fatigued.  You may trade more or less if you wish or need.
You TRADE – The Forex Market is open all days and hours between Sunday 5 pm Eastern Time until Friday 5 pm Eastern Time.
You PROFIT – Keep 50%, 60%, 70%, or 80% of your earnings based upon your level of coaching.  Keep 100% of your profits from trading your own money, as it is your money.

Foreign exchange and futures trading are highly risky, and you can lose all the money you invest should you decide to engage in live trading. We are not responsible for your investment, trading or tax decisions.

We are day trading educators.  We are not licensed financial advisors, traders, accountants, stockbrokers or attorneys. We are not licensed commodities brokers, and do not engage in or facilitate commodities transactions. We are not an introducing broker, and we make no recommendation as to where you should invest or what broker you should trade with. As you apply what you learn, we recommend that you seek advice from licensed professionals.

Any trade results that we show should not be considered typical of our students. We do not (and cannot) track the results or performance of our students’ private trading accounts. We do not know what a typical or average student earns or loses trading.

This is not a get-rich-quick program, guaranteed system or business opportunity. We sell training and trading tools. We make no promises our training and tools will generate future income for students, and you may not make your investment back (including your investment in this training).

Any redistribution or recording of this material is strictly prohibited without advanced written permission.

You do not need to be licensed to day trade your own money or to day trade our Company funded account.

No representation is made of a level of success.  Information and statements are provided for illustrative purposes only.  Examples are simple mathematical illustrations.  Participation in the Trade Demo Trial can reveal one’s potential in the market.   

Your affiliation with this group is by subscription.  You may terminate your affiliation at anytime by calling 800-301-7482 or emailing Cancel@MyTradeSupport.Com.

Pricing, promotions, offerings, and statements may vary without notice.

A system is defined as: 1. Detailed procedures, methods and routines to carry out an activity, problem solve or perform a duty. 2. Purposeful organized structure that is regarded as a whole and consists of interdependent and interrelated elements.  (The Law Dictionary, Featuring Black’s Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed., https://thelawdictionary.org/system/ Oct 11, 2020).  A system in terms of day trading referred herein, is therefore defined as “procedures, methods, and routines to carry out an activity” of day trading.  A system does not imply being comprehensive, a guarantee, 100% results, etc. but simply procedures, methods, and routines to “carry out an activity.”
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