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Our Training To Trading Cycle

Trade Demo Trial
Try our day trading system and see that you can win trades.
Applied and private instruction to address your specific needs.
Real Money Lab
Learn to trade using our real money lab, even up to $100,000.
Trade Cycle
Cycle between continued education, more trade money, and profits.
Further Education
On-going education while real money trading and a lifetime of refinement.
Trade Accounts
Continue to trade our account as well as trade a privately funded accounts.


Why We Fund You

Your funded account with the group is part of your education.  It is like taking a Chemistry class and having a Chemistry lab.  Here you have the coaching instruction with the real money funded account to follow.

This practice emerged because we saw that our students were less emotional with trading real money when it was not initially their real money.  As such, student are able to make more wise trade decisions, learn to trade the market with real money, and then start their own private real money accounts.

We desire that you continue to trade our funded account.  Why?  Because it continues to be a benefit for you, but with your trading success, there is a small portion of your earnings that returns back to the Proprietary Education Fund to provide resources for others that follow after you.

Ultimately, your success will be profitably trading your privately funded account as well as our funded account.

More On Company Funding

The real money lab has these summary characteristics:

Applied and private instruction to address your specific needs.
Real Money Lab
Learn to trade using our real money lab, even up to $100,000.
♦  Origination – Not being the student’s funds, there is less emotional attachment which minimizes emotional errors.
♦  Guaranteed – All receive an initial real money trade account as part of their education.
♦  Initial Request – Students request their initial funded account after the 9th week of coaching.  The account is not simply issues, but requires the student to request the funding when they feel ready.
♦  Amount – The size of the initial account is usually between $2,000 and $5,000 depending upon trade performance during initial coaching.
♦  Additional Funding – The initial amount released is simply a type of “starter” or “training wheels” account.  The student or member may request additional funding based upon their coaching program and criteria mentioned below.
♦  Profit Sharing – Remarkably students keep up to 80% of their trade profits using our funding (see coaching or programs below).
Example – Significant Difference Of Growing An Account Size And Benefitting From Additions Of Funding
This graph is a hypothetical example or a simple mathematical treatment of 1% daily growth with steps in growth resulting from the addition of extra trade funds into an account compared to simple 1% daily growth.  This is to illustrate in a simple way the significance of the addition of more funds into an account upon earnings potential.
Funding Stages
The amount and speed of funding depends upon how much education a student has.
Below are the four coaching programs and the associated funding.  Notice that three of the programs fund on a quarterly basis and one funds on a monthly basis.  Each of these funding cycles is based on a few simple criterial discussed herein.
(Since May 2008)
Can Get You Wealthy
Quarterly Funding
(based on positive account growth)
(Illustrative estimates only)
1. Coaching   5.             9. $10k
2. Coaching   6. $5K    10. 
3. $2K-$5K    7.            11. 
4.                   8.            12. $20K
(Can be up to $50,000)
(Since Aug 2018)
“Whatever It Takes” To Save
Quarterly Funding
(based on positive account growth)
(Illustrative estimates only)
1. Coaching    5.             9. $10k
2. Coaching    6. $5K    10. 
3. $2K-$5K     7.            11. 
4.                    8.            12. $20K
(Can be up to $50,000)
(Since April 2016)
“If At All Possible” Advantages
Quarterly Funding
(based on positive account growth)
(Illustrative estimates only)
1. Coaching     5.             9. $15k
2. Coaching     6. $7K    10. 
3. $3K-$10K    7.            11. 
4.                     8.            12. $30K
(Can be up to $100,000)
(Since September 2019)
(based on positive account growth)
(Illustrative estimates only)
1. Coaching   5. $15K     9. $  55K
2. Coaching   6. $25K   10. $  70K
3. $3K-$10K  7. $35K   11. $  85K
4. $7K            8. $45K   12. $100K
(Can be up to $100,000)
In these three educational and experiential programs you receive initial funding after 9 weeks of instruction and practice.  Initial funding is then traded with positive earnings distributed each month.  After three months, the student may request a review of their trading for funding increase.  Typically additional funding is released to the account with about two weeks of review and processing, if the account is positive, uses a stop loss (trade and account protection), is traded with an appropriate lot size (risk and reward leverage), and shows regular trading activity.
Platinum students fall under the same criteria for additional funding as other students, except they can request additional funds every 30 days.  The speed of funding additions can be remarkable.
Numbers:  1 = 1st month or 4 weeks training.  2 = 2nd month or 8 weeks of training.  3 = 3rd month from start of training with funding request made at the 9th week.  4 = 4th month from start of training.  5, 6, … are the subsequent months since starting training.  
Values – The dollar values shown are illustrative only of the type of funding observed.  Your specific values will vary based upon the criteria shown below and as instructed during coaching.
Payments – The profit sharing payments are made by the broker, or a third party.  A useful and neutral service to ensure your earnings integrity and to avoid comingling of funds.
More About Funding And Fund Management Below

What Our Traders Have Said

These testimonies represent only the person speaking and their sentiments at the time of recording.  In addition to being day traders using our training and tools, some of these persons receive compensation from the Company as coaches, marketers, or support.  You should not assume that the trade results of this student are typical of our students. We do not track the trade results or performance of our customers’ private trading accounts. We do not know what a typical or average student earns trading. This student purchased advanced training and coaching. The purpose of our 30-day trial period is to give you the chance to assess the value of our software and other tools for yourself.


Privately Funding Your Account
– The Ultimate Outcome – Keep 100% Of Your Earnings –

The ultimate purpose of learning to day trade is to trade your own money into a large and prosperous fund that can provide abundant lifestyle and wealth to support your evolving needs and desires.

Before funding a private account, the following are recommended.

  • Wait – Wait at least three months after trading your Company funded account, even better would be to wait six months, before funding your own account.

  • Fund From Profits – Trade your Company funded account profitably and use your earnings to fund your private account.  This requires your day trading to pay for itself and you really do not put any personal funds at risk.

  • Link Accounts – You can link your accounts so that you can trade your Company funded account at the same time private funded account.  You can do this with different amounts in each account and trade them proportionately.

  • Chose A Broker – You can use any broker.  A suggestion is to add a little money.  Trade a little.  Pull some money out.  Learn the broker’s full deposit, trade, and withdraw procedures.  Do it again and again to gain and with confidence add more funds to the account.  You may do this with even more than one broker.

Building To A Private Funded Account

We exist as a day trading education and facilitation group to provide a path for you to learn to trade your own money and grow it into big extra cash, a lifestyle income, growing saving, great wealth, early or more secure retirement, and more by continuing to day trade our system.  

We do this by providing a comprehensive day trading education based on 20+ years of experience coupled with trade facilitation through indicators, funding, daily webinars, continued education, support, and more.

  • Train And Trade – Learn to trade and user our Company fundd account to develp as a profitable trader.

  • Leverage Profits – Use our Company Funded Account to begin making profits that can be used to pay back your tuition, for use where needed or desired, and to fund a private trade account.

  • Open A Private Trade Account – You can fund a private account anytime after coaching.  Some may do so from savings and other assets, but many of our traders fund a private account from their trade winning using the Company Funded Account.

  • Trading Accounts – Ultimately you should be looking forward to trading your own private account and keeping 100% of your earnings.  This is where you will earn your really big money to such an extent that it provides the income and financial security and cash flow you need and desire.  Remember you keep 100% of the profits trading your own account.  

  • Company Funded Account – While trading your private account, continue to trade our Company Funded Account.  The money is there, you keep most of the earnings, and the remainer goes back to the Education Fund to help others reach their day trading needs, and desires.  A wonderful give back.

Trade Accounts
Ultimately, trade at least two accounts.  Our Company Funded Account and your privately funded account.
Supporting You In Trading Your Private Account

How do we assist you in becoming a confident independent day trader.  We do this by cycling your over and over through our experiential and educational cycle while building your trade account fund size.

We are building trade skill, psychology, account, and success:  

  • Trade Skill – Your skill continues to improve and develop with continued training and trading over time.

  • Trade Psychology – This is your emotional connection to the market, trading, wins, losses, etc.  More training, trading, and use of greater account size continues your ability to handle more in the markets for more earnings.

  • Trade Funds – As you cycle around with greater training, greater experience, and greater trade psychology you are increasingly prepared to trade a larger account size.  This cycle immensely valuable in accelerating trade success and earnings potential.

  • Trade Success – Ultimately you can maximize your Proprietary Education Fund, start a private trade account, and start realizing the fulfillment of your needs and ambitions..

  • Lots Of Support – You are joining a group, not a one time training class.  If you need help, call us, text us, etc.  Besides you are trading our money, we want you to be successful.


Funding And Fund Management

Of A Corporate Funded Account

Common questions of our students is ‘how is the money awarded?’ and ‘how fast do I get it?’  
You could consider that there are two categories of accounts.  The first is the Initial Real Money Account, and then all subsequent additional funding to the account.  Keep the following in mind.

Initial Real Money Account

♦  Guaranteed Account – A real money account is the lab component of your day trading educational experience.  As such, everyone receives a real money account.
♦  Account Size – The initial account varies between about $2,000 and $5,000 based upon two primary criteria.
  1. Trade Performance – How well you traded during your initial 1-to-1 private and personalized educational period.  
  2. Education Level – Based upon how much education you received in that initial period.  The Platinum and Executive coaching programs receive 6 more hours or 3 more weeks and so they are typically issued more initial funding.
♦  Profit Sharing – When trading with School funds from the Proprietary Educational Fund then your earnings are split between you and the fund on or around the first of each month, in this manner:
  1. 80% / 20% Platinum Program – 80% profit share goes to the student and 20% is returned to the Proprietary Educational Fund.
  2. 70% / 30% Executive Program – The student retrains 70% and the fund is returned 30%
  3. 60% / 40% Premium Program – The student retains 60% and the Fund is returned 30%
  4. 50% / 50% Pro Funded – The student retains 50% and the Fund is returned 50%
  5. Distribution – Recall that it occurs on or near the first of the month and is distributed by the broker, not by the School.
  6. High Water Mark – When earnings are paid, the fund is brought back to the level of funding provided from the Proprietary Educational Fund.  For instance and with the Platinum Program, if you were trading $10,000 in the fund and earned $2,000 then the Student would retain $1,600 and the Fund would have returned $400.  The students particular trade account would be reset to $10,000.  This would occur until the next addition is made from the Proprietary Educational Fund.
♦  How Much Loss – Obviously, trading has the risk of loss.  We understand that but find our indicators, system of education, support, etc. can provide for a substantial minimization of loss.  We have a couple of actions around loss:
  1. Stop Loss – As mentioned above we require the use of trade and account protection to minimize loss on the trade level.  We will teach you how to effectively set and use a stop loss.
  2. Still In Coaching – Remember, you will still be in coaching for the first weeks of trading a real money account.  If you find yourself drawing down the account you can reach out to your coach or one of the staff.  We are hear to help.
  3. 20% Draw Down – We do not monitor your account closely.  We do not monitor how often you trade, when you trade, how many trades you take, if your trades are winners or losers, etc.  We have taught you and we stand ready to help you.  So we provide you with the freedom to enjoy and prosper in your day trading with our Company funded account.  We do monitor one parameter and that is the account amount.  If we notice the account has drawn down to 20% we will reach out and ask how we can help you.  We will answer any questions you have, provide you with specific issue training, etc. and have you back on your way.
  4. 50% Draw Down
    – This level of account draw down is unheard of in the industry.  Before you reach is point we hope to have been engaged with you to help you improve upon your trading and never reach this point.  Often this level of draw down is from student failing to follow their instruction and are not using a Stop Loss, are over leveraging the account, etc.  There should be no reason to be concerned about this.  If the account is drawn down to 50%, then all trades will be closed.  We will reach out to you and as how we may help.
♦  No Repayment – Others wonder if they have to repay the funds if they lose it.  The answer is ‘No.’  The funds are not given as a loan or other obligation.  The funds are part of your education.

Subsequent Real Money Additions

♦  Criteria For Subsequent Funding – The good news is that it is not hard to get additional funding.  Your educational program will outline exactly what is needed.  Further it is the purpose of your education during practice and real money trading to help you get as much deposited in your account as fast as possible.  Consider these primary considerations:
  1. Positive Account – Have positive account growth.  If you want to take a cautious approach, even if your account is positive by pennies, you qualify for an increase.
  2. Proper Lot Size – You could call this not being greedy.  We want to see that you are responsible and measured in your trading and that your are not trading beyond what is reasonable for the account size.  The larger your account the more each trade can earn.  We will show you exactly how to do this.  It is simple to fulfill upon this requirement.
  3. Stop Loss Protection – There are various ways to protect an account.  We want to see that you are protecting the account.  In the beginning we want to see the use of a Stop Loss form of protection.  Again, we will show you just how to do this and be profitable and qualify for the most money the fastest.
  4. Regular Trading – We want to see that you are trading regularly and retaining your education.  We want to see a minimum of 1 trade per day.  What does that mean.  Well, often you could be placing 3, 4, 5, or 6 trades a day for the earning potential you seek.  So if you miss a day or two here and there, of course you would be well above 1 trade per day on average.  This is simple to accomplish.
♦  How Often Are Increases – Increases are largely based upon two factors:
  1. Program Calendar – The Platinum program allows requests for additional funding remarkably every 30 days.  The Executive, Premium, and Pro Funded programs has a trade, review, and funding cycle of three months.  So you trade your current account and at the end of three months you can request additional funding.
  2. Trade Performance – You may request additional funding each time your are positive in the account above the last funding level.  If you are positive at the Program Calendar time, then simply send an email requesting additional funding.  If you are down on the account balance, then just bring it up and as soon as you are about what we call the “high water mark” then request additional funding.
♦  Trade How Well – Some concern themselves with how well their trade record needs to look.  Actually, we are not too concerned about that, as it takes care of itself it the above primary criteria are met.  The point here is that we are all day traders and we know there are ups and a few downs.  We are not looking for perfection, what we are looking for is did you learn something from any losses.
♦  Private Account – The purpose of the Online Day Trading School is to have people successfully trading the markets.  The ultimate result would be for them to open up their own private trading account.  Managing that account would be to the discretion of the individual.  They could leave earnings in the account so they can trade larger lot sizes and earn more, or remove some for use or savings, etc.  As this is the individual’s own funds, then they have discretion on how to manage their trade account, earnings, and money in the account.
♦  Continue To Trade The School Fund – It is the intent of Online Day Trading School that you would continue to trade the account given access to you through the Proprietary Educational Fund.  The reason for this is that the School took their biggest risk at the beginning when students first started trading the markets.  Once the student has become an accomplished day trader in the markets, then the hard work of the student and the School can be used for everyone’s good purposes.  The School’s purpose is to have you continue to trade their funded account so that you can earn additional income and also so that you can continue to provide a share of your earnings back to the Proprietary Educational Fund for the benefit of others who follow you in the School.  Image the good you can do over the course of a lifetime by contributing back a portion of your earnings as outlines in the program of your choice.  Your contribution can be substantial to so many.
Student may have other questions surrounding the Real Money Trading Lab and we would be pleased to answer these questions in conversing with you or during the Trade Demo Trial.
We FUND You – All students receive an initial real money trade account as part of their education.  Future Company funding additions are based upon given trading intervals, the request of the student, having a positive account growth, and showing abidance to simple best practices we instruct.  We will help you with this.
We SHOW You – Trades shown are for training purposes, but an individual day trader may place the identified trade themselves based upon their own assessment.
You TRADE – We recommend trading about 1 to 2 hours a day so as not to become fatigued.  You may trade more or less if you wish or need.
You TRADE – The Forex Market is open all days and hours between Sunday 5 pm Eastern Time until Friday 5 pm Eastern Time.
You PROFIT – Keep 50%, 60%, 70%, or 80% of your earnings based upon your level of coaching.  Keep 100% of your profits from trading your own money, as it is your money.

Foreign exchange and futures trading are highly risky, and you can lose all the money you invest should you decide to engage in live trading. We are not responsible for your investment, trading or tax decisions.

We are day trading educators.  We are not licensed financial advisors, traders, accountants, stockbrokers or attorneys. We are not licensed commodities brokers, and do not engage in or facilitate commodities transactions. We are not an introducing broker, and we make no recommendation as to where you should invest or what broker you should trade with. As you apply what you learn, we recommend that you seek advice from licensed professionals.

Any trade results that we show should not be considered typical of our students. We do not (and cannot) track the results or performance of our students’ private trading accounts. We do not know what a typical or average student earns or loses trading.

This is not a get-rich-quick program, guaranteed system or business opportunity. We sell training and trading tools. We make no promises our training and tools will generate future income for students, and you may not make your investment back (including your investment in this training).

Any redistribution or recording of this material is strictly prohibited without advanced written permission.

You do not need to be licensed to day trade your own money or to day trade our Company funded account.

No representation is made of a level of success.  Information and statements are provided for illustrative purposes only.  Examples are simple mathematical illustrations.  Participation in the Trade Demo Trial can reveal one’s potential in the market.   

Your affiliation with this group is by subscription.  You may terminate your affiliation at anytime by calling 800-301-7482 or emailing Cancel@MyTradeSupport.Com.

Pricing, promotions, offerings, and statements may vary without notice.

A system is defined as: 1. Detailed procedures, methods and routines to carry out an activity, problem solve or perform a duty. 2. Purposeful organized structure that is regarded as a whole and consists of interdependent and interrelated elements.  (The Law Dictionary, Featuring Black’s Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed., https://thelawdictionary.org/system/ Oct 11, 2020).  A system in terms of day trading referred herein, is therefore defined as “procedures, methods, and routines to carry out an activity” of day trading.  A system does not imply being comprehensive, a guarantee, 100% results, etc. but simply procedures, methods, and routines to “carry out an activity.”
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