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Train to trade up to $100,000 of our Company money, using our trade secret signals, 1-to-1 personal coaching, webinar trades, and our 20+ year day trade system.

Trade at home, for minutes or more, any hour, and any day (except Saturday) for the money you seek.  Education, an established system, and support are opportunity equalizers we provide.  Trading is an acquired skill with potential risk of loss.  The past may not predictive future results.

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This testimony represent only this person speaking and their sentiments at the time of recording.  You should not assume that the trade results of this student are typical of our students. We do not track the trade results or performance of our customers’ private trading accounts. We do not know what a typical or average student earns trading. This student purchased advanced training and coaching. The purpose of our 30-day trial period is to give you the chance to assess the value of our software and other tools for yourself.

Our Training To Trading Cycle

Trade Demo Trial
Try our day trading system and see that you can win trades.
Applied and private instruction to address your specific needs.
Real Money Lab
Learn to trade using our real money lab, even up to $100,000.
Trade Cycle
Cycle between continued education, more trade money, and profits.
Further Education
On-going education while real money trading and a lifetime of refinement.
Trade Accounts
Continue to trade our account as well as trade a privately funded accounts.



Introduced to you in the Trade Demo Trial and then you are extensively trained in coaching with our unique and proprietary trade signals.  They are highly predictive and are at the core of our student success and have lead to the growth and development of our Proprietary Educational fund.   

A Simple Review
This video show a simple example of the predictive nature of just one of our proprietary indicators, called the Majors-Minors.
It can be this simple to day trade the markets.  Combine the Major-Minor indicator with others of our indicators and the predictive power of our system continued to increase.
How We Signal
What We Don’t Do
We don’t just say “buy here!” or “Sell here!” with a text or green up arrows or red down arrows on a screen.  That is, we don’t just give you a fish or a trade that satisfies you for a day or a week.  That lasts about one week and then you begin asking, but why?
What We Do
We SIGNAL You with market indicators and teach you how to read them for a highly predictive buy or sell signal that also gives you the reason why.  In other words, we teach you how to fish or trade so you can benefit today and for a lifetime of trading.


Quick Lesson (And Review Of The Video Above)
Looking a just one indicator, our Major-Minor indicator let’s look at how simple and predictive our indicators and their signals can be.
Note – The upper half of the graph representations price candlesticks.  The thicker body of the candlestick represents where the market price started and stopped (Green – Price starts below where ends.  Red – Price starts above where ends.) and the small wicks are the extremes in price movement.
Note – The lower half below represents the Major (Green and Red Lines) and Minor (Gray and Black Lines) Indicator.
Buy Trade
A buy trade is signaled by:
1.  Over-Sold – The lower indicator lines are below the thick diffuse Red Over-Sold Designator.
2.  Turning – The indicator lines are turning up in the direction of the upward trade.
3.  Crossing – The Major Green Line crosses above the Major Red Line and the minor Gray Line crosses above the minor Black Line.
4.  Unified – A more unified action between the Green/Red Major Lines and the Gray/Black Minor Lines the stronger and more predictive the buy trade.  That means expecting the market to rise 2 to 4 green Candlesticks.
An additional benefit – With a proper trade setup, we get a three-times multiplier.  That two to four candlesticks will follow in the direction of the trade.
Sell Trade
A sell trade is just the opposite of the buy trade:
1.  Over-Bought – The lower indicator lines are above the thick diffuse Blue Over-Bought Designator.
2.  Turning – The indicator lines are turning down in the direction of the down trade.
3.  Crossing – The Major Red Line crosses above the Major Green Line and the Minor Black Line crosses above the Minor Gray Line.
4.  Unified – A more unified action between the Green/Red Major Lines and the Gray/Black Minor Lines the stronger and more predictive the buy trade.  That means expecting the market to go downward 2 to 4 candlesticks.
What does this three-times multiplier mean.  If you are trading a 15 minute candlestick then you can be confident the market will continue for the next 45 minutes.  Imagine that with a 60 minute, 4 hour, etc. candlestick.  That is like seeing into the market future.
One After Another
It is not uncommon for our day traders to experience trade signals appearing one after the other in succession.  
Trading a short time period chart you can take multiple trades in a trade session sitting.
Using larger time period charts you can set a trade, peek occasionally, and then take the following trade some time later.  
This indicator predictively anticipates coming market behavior with short-term, mid-term, or long-term trades.  You choose.
Combine this indicator with our other proprietary indicators and the predictive power increase substantially.
Use different indictor and signal time scales to take smaller faster trades or longer larger trades.  It is your choice.
Predictive Signals – 20+ Year Proprietary Trade Secrets

I was mentored by a protege of John Bollinger (originator of the popular Bollinger Bans) and I have been trading for nearly 15 years.  I compared these indicators to every indicator I knew of similar property and in every case these indicators were faster and more accurate.  Alex

Indicators - Majors-Minors
The Majors are the primary market movers or influence upon the market.  The Minors contribute less to the direction and behavior of the market.  Often the minors will show initial sentiment of a coming change.  A continuation or a change in market behavior is often mostly associated with the signals from the Majors.
Indicators - Echo
A view of the market at a glance. The top indicator can be a 1 minute fast moving signal and the lower indicator a weekly signal, with other signal ranges in between.
Indicators - Puts and Calls
Puts And Calls

Major institutions do not just trade the market. They are required to enter by the use of puts and calls. As such, by plotting put and call movement, there is direct insight into real-time major market player action.

Indicators - TNT
Total Number Threshold
Thick Orange – Most leading.  A type of market emotion signal.
Thin Orange – Most confirmatory for continuation of market exhaustion signally a change.
Thick Blue – Most lagging.  Signals that market momentum is largely completed.
Thin Blue – Second leading.  A confirmatory of market continuation or direction change.
Indicators - Vector
Downward white space movement indicates continued major player selling momentum.  Upward white space movement is major player buying momentum. Often used in conjunction with the puts and calls indicator.
Indicators - Pressure
Most indicative of expected longer term market direction. Each element of the indicators carries an important message.  Which line is on top, the steepness, line tightness representing convergence or divergence, Often used in conjunction with other indicators.
Given the straightforward and well paced nature of the Forex market, we have found it a good starter market.  After your success in the Forex market, if you wish to day trade other markets, you will now be more prepared to enter that instruction and markets.


An emerging area of interest with the group is our well established text alert trading.
Text alerts are another way we can signal you of potential trades for your trades success.

Train to trade our 20+ year refined system
using our Corporate funds, trade signals, and text alerts.

You can also trade your own money, if you wish.

Choice Of Trade
Text Alerts!
Receive trade alert texts for one or several trade setups for one or several assets.  Set the number of alerts you want per day.  Get the text, assess the trade, and take the trades you like.  Simple!
If you have a setup you like, let us know and we will custom code a trade alert just for you.   Then just go about your day, get the trade alert text, assess the trade while on the go, and take your specific trades.
If you want ultimate flexibility, we can teach you how to code your own trade alerts.  It is simple, much like coding functions on a spreadsheet.  Code in general alerts or very specific ideal alerts.
How Does It
Our computers and alert coding are always scanning for our identified most ideal trades.  This is not dependent upon some “guru” trader’s “feeling.”  This is mathematically derived trade alerts.
You won’t wait long for a text alert.  We know you are busy with life or work.  So don’t sit at the computer for hours waiting for trades.  Just wait for the text alerts, assess them, and take the trades you like.
Once you receive your alert, most alerts have a 15 minute best trade timing.  Our indicators pick up “right now” trade signals.  If you miss an alert, just wait for the next one, as more will be sent.
Comprehensive Text Alerts, Training, And Support
The short video below show the extensive text alert systems, training, flash cards, videos, Weekly live group webinars, and live support.
If you are looking for a simple way to trade, text alert trading is just that system.  This comprehensive text alert system of alerts, training, and support is unmatched.  This is your time and your system to earn extra income by text alert trading.  
Get started with the Trade Demo Trial.


One of the most important aspects of our Group, is the Group.  The learning and the support never ends.
Join with us in our daily webinars.  Some are oriented towards training.  Others a oriented towards trading.  All provide an opportunity to interact with the coach to ask your questions, learn from others and their questions, and of course learn from the content of the webinar and the coach.
Presented below are a few examples of what is available to you.
Daily Training And Trading Webinars
Abundant webinars are available to our Trade Demo Students and to our Advanced Members.
Trade Demo Trial Webinars
For our Trade Demo Trial students we have several training and trading webinars available.  There is plenty of opportunity to get acquainted with some of our coaches and mentors and see trading real time.
Advanced Member Webinars
Our Advanced Members (those who are in or have completed coaching) have numerous webinars, even every day.  The access to our coaching staff and mentors is always available.  Chat or speak in your questions.  Get answers and discussion from others asking questions or simply form the trades and training of the coach.  There is ample on-going coaching.
More Webinar Access
Beyond the regular live training and trading webinars, there is also our extensive training series and access to many webinars by recordings.
Monthly Master Trading Seminar
In addition to our many and even daily webinars, each month we hold a Master Trading Seminar.  It is usually between 3 and 6 hours and taught by one or more of our Executive Coaches on a trading topic relevant for the day, a trade method, new trade method, panel discussion, etc.  There is on-going in depth training and trading learning opportunities.
Trade Webinars Recorded
Many of our training webinars are recorded for your convenience, if you cannot make the time, you want to review the topic, and more.  We keep a month or two of the most recent webinars available to you.
Mobile Access
Beyond the regular live training and trading webinars at our on-site and on-line venues, there is also our extensive mobile chat rooms, training, and indicators.  You can also place, watch, adjust, and close your trades on your mobile devices.
Trade Demo Trial Chat
The “Lite” Chat or our Trade Demo Trial Chat let’s those exploring our day trading system to read the experienced of others.  They can also ask questions to other coaches, mentors, and members.  The Lite Chat is a great way to broaden your awareness of our System and Group through the experiences of others.
Advanced Member Chat
When you upgrade into coaching you are not only set to receive the skills training and funded trading account your seek, but you are also joining our trading community.  You can see here that his is a place to ask questions, see how others are trading, see posted trades, and more.  Your trading refinement just continues.
Trade Indicators
In addition to the chat rooms on our mobile devices, we have also launched our proprietary and trade secret indicator algorithms.  They provide for that quick check of the market or your trades for various trading time charts and currency pairs.  We will continue to update and broaden the use of our indicators.
Training And Trading Webinars
Trading Chat Record

Our coaches record their public demo trades in the Coach Trade Chat.

Illustrative Example – Likeness Of Coach Trade Results
Our MIT (Morning Impact Trade) and AIT (Afternoon Impact Trade) are live market trading webinars for training purposes where you can see our coaches finding and placing real trades in the live market in their demo accounts.  
They also record the specifics of their trades in the Coach Trade Chat so you can access and see the particulars of each trade.  See the image to the left.
When students and members also feel good about the trade selected and setup by the coach, they may choose to enter the same trade in their practice or real money accounts.  It is up to them.
Below is only an illustrative example of the type of growth we have seen from just two trades a day with our coaches.
As can be seen there are simple and powerful, predictive, and profitable signals provide.
Further, there are numerous avenues to continue to learn, seek assistance, and even observe or under your analysis mimic trades.
Trade Company Money

Train to trade up to $100,000 of our Company money, using our trade signals, 1-to-1 personal coaching, and our 20+ year day trade system.

Trade at home, for minutes or more, any hour, and any day (except Saturday).  Education, an established system, and support are opportunity equalizers we provide.  Trading is an acquired skill with potential risk of loss.  The past may not predictive future results.

We FUND You – All students receive an initial real money trade account as part of their education.  Future Company funding additions are based upon given trading intervals, the request of the student, having a positive account growth, and showing abidance to simple best practices we instruct.  We will help you with this.
We SHOW You – Trades shown are for training purposes, but an individual day trader may place the identified trade themselves based upon their own assessment.
You TRADE – We recommend trading about 1 to 2 hours a day so as not to become fatigued.  You may trade more or less if you wish or need.
You TRADE – The Forex Market is open all days and hours between Sunday 5 pm Eastern Time until Friday 5 pm Eastern Time.
You PROFIT – Keep 50%, 60%, 70%, or 80% of your earnings based upon your level of coaching.  Keep 100% of your profits from trading your own money, as it is your money.

Foreign exchange and futures trading are highly risky, and you can lose all the money you invest should you decide to engage in live trading. We are not responsible for your investment, trading or tax decisions.

We are day trading educators.  We are not licensed financial advisors, traders, accountants, stockbrokers or attorneys. We are not licensed commodities brokers, and do not engage in or facilitate commodities transactions. We are not an introducing broker, and we make no recommendation as to where you should invest or what broker you should trade with. As you apply what you learn, we recommend that you seek advice from licensed professionals.

Any trade results that we show should not be considered typical of our students. We do not (and cannot) track the results or performance of our students’ private trading accounts. We do not know what a typical or average student earns or loses trading.

This is not a get-rich-quick program, guaranteed system or business opportunity. We sell training and trading tools. We make no promises our training and tools will generate future income for students, and you may not make your investment back (including your investment in this training).

Any redistribution or recording of this material is strictly prohibited without advanced written permission.

You do not need to be licensed to day trade your own money or to day trade our Company funded account.

No representation is made of a level of success.  Information and statements are provided for illustrative purposes only.  Examples are simple mathematical illustrations.  Participation in the Trade Demo Trial can reveal one’s potential in the market.   

Your affiliation with this group is by subscription.  You may terminate your affiliation at anytime by calling 800-301-7482 or emailing Cancel@MyTradeSupport.Com.

Pricing, promotions, offerings, and statements may vary without notice.

A system is defined as: 1. Detailed procedures, methods and routines to carry out an activity, problem solve or perform a duty. 2. Purposeful organized structure that is regarded as a whole and consists of interdependent and interrelated elements.  (The Law Dictionary, Featuring Black’s Law Dictionary Free Online Legal Dictionary 2nd Ed., https://thelawdictionary.org/system/ Oct 11, 2020).  A system in terms of day trading referred herein, is therefore defined as “procedures, methods, and routines to carry out an activity” of day trading.  A system does not imply being comprehensive, a guarantee, 100% results, etc. but simply procedures, methods, and routines to “carry out an activity.”
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